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by Jeff McBride

“Boogie Man”

Coach Creation WOD

238 14
  • AMRAP 20
  • - 8 Toes To Bar
  • - 8 DB Box Step Overs
  • - 8 Renegade Rows

DB Box Step Overs with two 50/35# DB's on 24/20" box
If scaling, use a weight that'll work for both the DB Box Step overs and Renegade rows.

Renegade Rows I've seen multiple definitions. In this WOD, 1 rep of the Renegade Row would include (while starting in the push up position with hands on the dumbbells):
– One push up
– Left Arm Row
– Right Arm Row

If you try this please tag me on instagram @gruntermcbride and let me know how you did!

No Ads (Upgrade)
No Ads (Upgrade)
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Suggested Listening: "I'm Your Boogie Man" by White Zombie.

No Ads (Upgrade)
No Ads (Upgrade)