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Cardio Conversions & Load (lb/kg) Conversions

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Cardio Substitutes

No Rower, SkiErg, BikeErg or AirBike? No space to Run?

Sub one or more of these movements in your workout.

  • Alternating Lunges, Reverse Lunges, or Walking Lunges
  • Air Squats or Jumping Air Squats (more intense)
  • Single-Unders or Double-Unders (more intense)
  • Burpees
  • Wall Running
  • Stair Running
  • Shuttle Runs (limited space required)

Tips: Your workout calls for shorter sprints? Pick a more intense sub and/or go faster. Your workout calls for longer distance or more calories? Pick a less intense sub and/or keep a moderate pace.

I picked a movement. How many reps should I do?

The simplest option, rather than doing a fixed number of repetitions for your cardio sub, is to perform that movement for a set amount of time based on the distance or calories called for in your workout (see the “Time” conversion in the Convert Distances <> Calories <> Time table below).

If you prefer to do a set number of repetitions in your workout, then before you start the workout test the number of repetitions you complete of your chosen movement in 1 minute (at a workout pace, not a sprint). Do that many repetitions per 1:00 of cardio in your workout, based on the Time conversion in the table below.

If you’re working out with friends, and want everyone to use the same reps in the workout, then use the average result from each of your ‘test’ runs.

Cardio Conversions

Use the estimates in the tables below to help scale or modify workouts to achieve a stimulus similar to the prescribed (Rx) version of a workout – even when you don’t have the Rx equipment.

1. Convert Distances <> Calories <> Time

Running (meters) vs. Rowing (meters for men/women) vs. Bike (calories for men/women) vs. Stairs (flights) and estimated Time domain for other cardio subs.

Run, Row, Bike, Stairs, Time Conversion

credit: daybreakcrossfit.com

2. Convert calories <> distances for the Rower/Run/Erg Bike/Air Bike

Rowing (meters) vs. Running (meters) vs. BikeErg (meters for men/women) vs. Air Bike (calories for men/women)

For example, if a workout calls for a 500 meter Row, but all you have is an Air Bike, you can substitute 30 calories on the Air Bike.

credit: @theboxprogramming

3. Convert calories <> distances (meters) for Run/Row/Erg Bike/Air Bike/Ski Erg

Running vs. Rowing vs. BikeErg vs. Assault Bike vs. SkiErg – for male/female where specified

Convert calories and distances for Running, Rowing, Biking

credit: gritperformance.co

Load Conversions

Common conversions of weights/loads: Male <> Female and Pounds (LB) <> Kilograms (KG).