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We Love Benchmark WODs

Benchmarks are the workouts you do to test your fitness, memorialize heroes, and celebrate events. The coaches who design them give them names so they become part of the shared language of functional fitness athletes around the world.

For Hero and Memorial WODs especially, we think the stories and dates are important and should be shared.

CrossFitters remember the first time they heard of the benchmark WODs “Grace” or “Fight Gone Bad” or “Murph”, and thought “what is that, and how do I do it?

The names and stories behind workouts can motivate individuals and connect communities. That’s why we created WODwell.

Our mission is to inspire and fuel the world’s functional fitness.

  • Curate the most popular WODs (workouts of the day) in the functional fitness community and tell the stories behind them to create the world’s greatest resource for benchmark WODs.
  • Make workouts easy to understand and accessible to everyone by providing explanations, scaling options, movement demos, warm-ups, and more.
  • Help athletes discover the coaches who design the WODs, trainers who can provide individualized workout programming and coaching.

We’ve made it easy for everyone to discover these and thousands of other benchmark WODs (by name, by movement, by equipment, etc.), and also learn about the background, the workout standards, strategies, and scaling options for each. For many, we also have demo videos so you can see how others performed.

The 2018 Kickstarter we made this video for didn’t work out, but that’s ok. We’re building everything we promised.

“Influencing” Functional Fitness over Time

We never set out to become functional fitness “influencers.” We just wanted to make CrossFit-style workouts more accessible and easier to understand.

In 2014 we started making videos on YouTube about popular benchmark WODs. We had a lot of fun filming at gyms around the world and racked up millions of views but we’d never be able to make a video for every WOD.

So in 2016, we created wodwell.com to curate all the benchmark WODs. Over the next couple of years, WODwell grew to become the internet’s most popular source for CrossFit-style benchmark workouts.

Then in 2019, we expanded our mission to help people progress on their fitness journey by connecting them with the coaches who can help them reach their goals. Advances in technology now enable athletes to work with a coach any time, anywhere so we built a marketplace where athletes can find – and hire – the coaches behind the WODs.

And we’re just getting started!

Join Us

We’re a husband and wife team: Lisa (@wodwith_lisa | CrossFit Level-1 and BirthFit certified Coach) and Jeremy (entrepreneur and digital product guy) – a couple of dedicated parents and masters athletes.

If you like what we’re doing and want to say thanks become a member. Your support helps keep WODwell going!

– Jeremy & Lisa

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