About Us

We’re all about benchmark workouts, the “Workouts of the Day” (WODs) you do to test your fitness, memorialize heroes and celebrate events. You give them names, you test and re-test, and they become part of the common language of functional fitness athletes around the world.

Our mission is to curate and organize WODs and the stories behind them to inspire and improve your performance and increase your fitness.

Why benchmarks?

CrossFitters remember the first time they heard of “Grace” or “Fight Gone Bad” or “Murph,” and thought “what is that, and how do I do it?” We’ve made it easy for you not only to find these named WODs (by name, by movement, by equipment, etc.), but also find the standards for each workout, and for many we also have demo videos and even the backstory behind the name. For Hero and Memorial WODs especially, we think the stories and dates are important.

Buy us a Coffee

If you like what we’re doing and want to say thanks, you can buy us a coffee or become a member. WODwell takes time and money to run and your support helps keep it going! – Jeremy & Lisa

Functional Fitness Influencers

We didn’t set out to become functional fitness influencers but we now reach millions of athletes each year (see: sponsorship opportunities). We’re a husband and wife team: Lisa (a Level-1 Certified CrossFit Coach) and Jeremy (entrepreneur and digital product guy), both low-level competitive CrossFitters. We started WODwell in 2014 as a YouTube channel, making benchmark WOD videos that have racked up over 3 Million views. In 2015 we created wodwell.com as an online archive for benchmark workouts and those videos, and this site now gets more visitors than the YouTube channel!

WOD Video Demos

We started out filming athletes tackling named WODs and telling us about their strategies or thoughts on the workouts. Most of the athletes in our videos aren’t professionals; they’re normal athletes like us. They’re not demonstrating perfect form or flawless strategy, just giving a workout a go and telling you what they thought about it. All the videos we’ve created are listed as ‘featured videos’ on this site (also on YouTube).

In addition to the WOD videos we’ve created, you’ll find tons of other peoples’ videos here on wodwell.com…some of which are actually of elite athletes making very difficult workouts look easy.

WODwell is created by @jreither and @lisa_reither. We believe in fitness outside the box, too: