A daily high-intensity functional fitness program for women only. Have your garage gym and your community too.

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Sample week

Every day is different.

Each week varies with a combination of strength, gymnastics, and cardiovascular training. We test benchmarks regularly, so you can track your progress!

  • Monday

    • General Warm Up
      4-6 minutes

      2 Rounds:
      10 Cals Airbike/Rower
      10 Ab Mat sit-ups
      10 Air Squats
      10 Inch Worms (no push-ups)

    • Skill Work
      3-5 Minutes

      6 Box Step-Overs (20”)
      6 Inchworms
      6 Box jumps (20”)
      6 Push-Ups
      6 Box Jump Overs (20”)
      6 Burpees (step up)
      6 Burpee Box Jump Overs (20”)

    • Power Cleans x5
      8 minutes

      EMOM for 8 Minutes:
      5 Power Cleans

      Build in weight each round. By round 6 you should be at your workout weight

      Plus Scaling & Limited Equipment Options

    • WOD: “MOLLY ANN”
      15-20 minutes

      10 Rounds for time:
      15 Air Squats
      5 Burpee Box Jumps (20”)
      4 Power Cleans (105 lb)

      Complete the air squats within 15-30 seconds….

    • Core
      6-12 minutes

      3 Rounds:
      12 Leg Raises
      Max effort Hollow Hold
      (rest as needed between rounds)

  • Tuesday

    • General Warm-Up
      10-12 minutes

      500-meter run
      10 Air squats
      20 Single-Unders
      10 Lunge and reach
      20 Fast Single-Unders
      10 Second Hollow hold
      20 Double-Unders
      3 Downward dogs

    • Specific Warm-Up: Man Makers
      8-10 minutes

      5 Deadlifts
      5 Hang cleans
      5 Front squats
      3 Squat Clean Thrusters
      1 Man Maker

      Perform with two light dumbbells

    • WOD: “NYX”
      24-28 minutes

      5 Rounds For time:
      5 Man makers (2x35 lbs)
      50 Double-Unders
      25 Weighted Abmat Sit-ups (15 lb)

      For the Man Makers, use two Dumbbells. The first few reps will…

      Plus Scaling & Limited Equipment Options

    • Pelvic Floor
      8-11 Minutes

      3 Rounds
      10 Leg Arm Extension
      10 Cat Cows
      10 Dead bugs
      10 Glute Bridges

      Whether you have kids or never plan on it, over time all our pelvic floor muscles weaken unless we strengthen them. Let’s not be the old ladies that pee our pants.

  • Wednesday

    • General Warm-Up
      10 minutes

      AMRAP in 10 Minutes
      100 Meter run
      10 PVC Pass throughs
      10 Kettlebell Swings (25 lbs)
      5 Ab Mat Sit-Ups
      5 Samson Lunges (5 each side)
      5 Push-Ups

    • Practice Round
      1-2 Minutes

      1 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
      4 Weighted Lunges (L+R=1) (35 lbs)
      6 Kettlebell Swings (1 pood, 35 lbs)

    • WOD: “ARTEMIS”
      14 Minutes

      As Many Reps as Possible in 14 Minutes:
      3 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
      9 Weighted Lunges (L+R=1) (35 lbs)
      18 Kettlebell Swings (1 pood (35 lbs))

      The week before last, we spent several days getting inverted. Today we have an opportunity to revisit this skill. Most of your time will be spent on the…….

      Plus Scaling & Limited Equipment Options

    • Core
      2 Minutes

      AMRAP in 2 Minutes
      Strict Ab Mat Sit-Ups

  • Thursday

    • Active Recovery
      24 Minutes

      EMOM For 24 Minutes
      Minute 1: Burpees
      Minute 2: V-Ups
      Minute 3: Strict Pull-Ups
      Minute 4: Russian Kettlebell Swings (25 lb)
      Minute 5: Rest
      Take this opportunity to keep your body moving but don’t over stress it. Move with just enough intensity to…..

    • Mobility/Pelvic Floor:
      20-26 Minutes

      2 Rounds for Quality
      10 Leg Arm extensions (1 second pause at the top)
      10 Cat-Cows

      Rest 1 minute

      2 minutes: Seated Hamstring Stretch/Forward Fold
      2 minutes: Pigeon Stretch (1 minute on each leg)
      2 minutes: Couch Stretch (1 minute each leg)
      3 minutes: Seated Straddle (1 minute Left side, 1 minute right side, 1 minute center)

    • Core
      4 Minutes

      Tabata: 8 Rounds 20 Seconds of work, 10 Second Rest
      Russian Twists (10 lbs)

  • Friday

    • Specific Warm Up: Ring Dips
      4-6 Minutes

      5 Rounds of:
      10 Second Hollow hold on the rings
      3 Second descent
      3 Second hold at the bottom of the dip
      Explode up to press out

    • Specific Warm-up Dumbbell Snatches:
      3-5 minutes

      3 Rounds:
      5 Deadlifts (each side)
      5 Hang Cleans (each side)
      3 Push Presses (each side)
      3 Alternating Snatches

      *Start with a light weight then build up to workout weight by round 3.

    • WOD: “MAIA”
      16 Minutes

      AMRAP in 16 Minutes
      18 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (35 lbs)
      9 cal Row
      9 Ring Dips
      9 cal Row

      This Triplet will be a grind, but there are lots of transitions, which means built-in rest. So, push hard on each small set…….

      Plus Scaling & Limited Equipment Options

  • Saturday

    • General Warm-up
      8-12 minutes

      20 Single-Under (slow)
      10 Air Squats
      2 Inch worms

      20 Single-Under (quick)
      10 Lunges
      2 Push-ups

      20 Double-Under (or attempts)
      10 Sit-ups
      2 Burpees

    • WOD: “RHEA”
      19 Minutes

      EMOM for 19 Minutes:
      Minute 1: Double-Under
      Minute 2: Renegade Rows (2x25 lb)
      Minute 3: Push-Presses (2x25 lb)
      Minute 4: Rest

      This 5-round workout is going to test your shoulders. Target 40 seconds of work and allow……

      Plus Scaling & Limited Equipment Options

    • Core
      4-6 Minutes

      4 Rounds:
      30 Arch-Ups
      30 Second Arch-Up Hold

  • Sunday

    • Active Recovery
      25 Minutes

      AMRAP in 25 Minutes:
      400 Meter Run
      1 Minutes Pigeon Stretch (1 minutes each side)
      400 Meter Run
      1 Minute Twisted Cross (1 minutes each side)
      400 Meter Run
      2 Minutes Forward Fold
      400 Meter Run
      2 Minutes Seated Straddle
      400 Meter Run
      1 Minute high Lunge (1 minute each side)

      Take this time for yourself today and get some Active Recovery and Mobility work in.

      Don’t push past 70% effort on the run. Try to settle into the stretches to get the greatest benefit. Hold the poses for the full time. This will really benefit your range of motion and overall mobility and help you work out tensions from all the work you’re putting in in the gym!

    • Core
      4-6 Minutes

      3 Rounds:
      30 V-ups
      30 Russian Twists (15 lb) (L+R=1)


  • Is ATHENA only for Females?

    Yes, this program is designed by a woman (me), for women (you). ATHENA is designed to strengthen, tone, and tighten the female body. All the way down to the pelvic floor. Functional training doesn’t have to look wildly different for women vs. men, but with ATHENA you also gain access to a supportive, private community of like minded ladies.

  • Can I do these workouts from home?

    Absolutely. Personally, I train almost exclusively at home. You can do these workouts anywhere: at home or in your garage (limited equipment), in the park (no equipment), or at a fully outfitted gym (all the equipment).

  • What if I don’t have all the equipment?

    No problem. Every day I provide a version of each workout for ladies training with limited equipment or no equipment at all. Of course if you have full gym access, you have your pick. Each day you can choose whichever equipment-oriented option is right for you based on what's available to you that day.

  • Can I switch my rest day around?

    Sure! Life gets in the way, and that's ok. Need to rest on a day when there’s a workout programmed or push the intensity on an “active recovery” day? Listen to your body and do what you need to do. This program is about you and your fitness journey. You can follow this program to the letter or modify it to suit your needs. Allow yourself to embrace the low-intensity or rest days, too. They’re an important part of the training program. Allow your body to recover so you can bring more intensity on the training days.

  • How much experience do I need with functional fitness?

    Anyone can do this program. There will be explanations and movement demos to help you along the way. The more familiar you are with functional fitness the easier it will be to read the workouts in the beginning, but it's definitely not required.

  • What if I can’t do the movements programmed?

    Don’t sweat it. Available are “scaling” options for the challenging or complex movements and “progressions” to help you develop these skills. I add coach’s notes, movement demos, and modifications for individuals who might be less experienced with this type of training.

  • Is this how Coach Lisa Trains?

    This is my personal training program (rest days and all). I include coach’s notes, scaling options, tips, movement demos, and equipment modifications so that anyone can follow the program, including those who might be less experienced with this type of training or may be training with limited equipment.