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Millions of users in 150+ countries use WODwell to discover, save, and share new workouts to inspire their training. Paying members unlock premium features for discovering thousands more workouts and go ad-free. Users who want to take their training to the next level can use WODwell to find and hire the coach who’s right for them.

Coaches can join to share their workouts and expertise, build a following, and get hired by new clients.

Our mission is to inspire and fuel the world’s functional fitness

In 2018 we made this video for a fundraising campaign to show people who we are.

It started with Benchmark WODs

Before there was a wodwell.com we made benchmark WOD videos on YouTube. Benchmarks are the workouts you do to test your fitness, memorialize heroes, and celebrate events. The coaches who design them give them names and they become part of the shared language of the global functional fitness community.

CrossFitters remember the first time they heard of the benchmark WODs “Grace” or “Fight Gone Bad” or “Murph”, and thought “what is that, and how do you do it?

For Hero and Memorial WODs especially, we think the stories and dates are important and deserve to be shared. The stories behind workouts can honor namesakes, connect communities, and motivate athletes.

We had a blast filming at gyms around the world and racked up a few million views doing it. But we knew we’d never be able to make as many videos as there were WODs.

That was the spark for making WODwell an archive for benchmark WODs.

We created wodwell.com as a home for every benchmark WOD. Over the next couple of years, WODwell grew to become the internet’s most popular source for CrossFit-style workouts curated from within the functional fitness community. Later we opened up our platform to allow coaches to post their own favorite original workouts.

Most recently, we expanded our mission to help people progress further on their fitness journey by helping athletes find and hire the coaches behind the WODs.

And we’re just getting started!

P.S. Want to hear more about the history of WODwell? Listen to this 2020 interview of Jeremy on “The Barbell Strikes Back” podcast:

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We’re a husband and wife team: Lisa (@wodwith_lisa | CrossFit Level-1 and BirthFit certified Coach) and Jeremy (entrepreneur and digital product guy) – a couple of dedicated parents and masters athletes.

If you like what we’re doing and want to be a part of it become a member, join as a remote coach, or just say hello.

– Lisa & Jeremy

Pull-Ups on a CrossFit Storage Box

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