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CrossFit Programs for the Rest of Us

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Home Gym or Gym Community? Have Both.

Years after we had to leave our former CrossFit gym to train primarily at home, we still missed the community. That’s why we designed online daily training programs for a global community of athletes who train together, virtually. Daily workouts, warm-ups, skill development, leaderboards…and virtual fist bumps 👊.

Keep your home gym. Add the benefits of a like-minded fitness community:

  • Connection
  • Accountability
  • Consistency
Programs include:
  • Expertly-crafted, daily high-intensity functional training program following the CrossFit methodology
  • Warm-ups, skill development, accessory work, and mobility
  • Scaling options for all ability levels
  • Modification options so you can train with the equipment you have (including no-equipment options)
  • Movement demos, coaches’ notes, and performance tips
  • A like minded community for encouragement and accountability
  • Log your results and track your progress
  • Shared leaderboards for those of us who have a competitive streak (optional)

Need a custom program? Hire a Coach.

Hire a coach to design an individualized training program for you, based on your goals/limitations and the equipment you have.

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