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Man Maker

The Man Maker is a full-body Dumbbell movement that combines a Push-Up, Rows, and a Squat Clean Thruster in a single complex. Like a Burpee, it’s designed to challenge your Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, and cardiovascular endurance. Man Makers are also a unilateral movement, excellent for diagnosing and fixing muscle imbalances.

Set-Up: Start in a Plank position with hands on the Dumbbells. Brace the core.

Execution: Begin with a Push-Up. At the top of the Push-Up position, complete a Dumbbell Row on the right, then a Dumbbell Row on the left. Jump the feet into a Squat stance with the feet outside of the dumbbells. Perform a Squat Clean Thruster. Reach full hip, knee, and arm extension at the top of the movement.

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– The chest and thighs make contact with the ground during the Push-Up
– The hip crease drops below the knee crease during the Squat Clean Thruster
– The hips, knees, and arms reach a fully locked out position prior to bringing the dumbbells back down to the ground

Pro-Tip: In the Plank position, make sure the feet are shoulder-width apart. The wider stance will ensure proper balance during the dumbbell Rows.

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