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Air Bike (Assault Bike)

Adding an air bike to your workout is like adding some ghost peppers to your salsa: you’re about to heat things up and it’s gonna get uncomfortable! Air bikes are incredible for ramping up the intensity of any workout; and the harder you push, the harder the exercise gets—that’s the magic (and difficulty) of air resistance.

Measurable and Repeatable: Just like the rower, the air bike is an ergometer, or a machine that measures work. For that reason, the air bike has a leg up over traditional bicycles and stationary bikes that don’t measure your output (air bikes also require you to use legs and arms—a challenging and effective difference). Use the monitor on the air bike to track measurements like your time, speed, distance, heart rate, etc.

Pro Tip: The pegs on either side of the fan serve an important purpose—after a sprint, pop your feet onto those things to keep them from getting caught in the pedals.