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42 WODs With No Equipment (Bodyweight Workouts)

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No equipment? No problem! Some of the toughest CrossFit-style workouts (WODs) you can do require nothing more than your own body weight.

The key to nailing a functional fitness workout sans equipment is to keep the intensity high. Sometimes when you’re not in a gym setting, or when you’re not using “gym equipment,” you can find yourself coasting through your workout. Your environment has a ton to do with your behavior, so you may need to dial up that mental toughness.

This is particularly true when you who are working out in, say, your living room while your baby naps, or your hotel room while you’re traveling. These aren’t places that scream “go faster!” so dig deep to make your travel WODs count. Pro tip: If you can, get outside! The fresh air will do you good. And social pressure from onlooking neighbors will push you to work harder.

So turn up your headphones and get crackin’ on these bodyweight WODs!

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