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“Sit Rep 20.2”

2020 Sit Rep Online Competition WOD #2

220 12
  • Three 3-minute AMRAPs in 11 minutes
  • 6 Power Snatches (95/65 lb)
  • 9 Pull-Ups
  • 12 Box Jump Overs (24/20 in)
  • Rest 1 minute

On an 11-minute clock, perform 3 rounds of 3-minute AMRAPs with 1-minute rest between rounds. In each AMRAP, athlete must perform as many repetitions as possible of 6 Power Snatches, 9 Pull-Ups, and 12 Box Jump Overs.

Score is the total number of repetitions combined from the three 3-minute AMRAPs.

Movement Standards

Snatch: Athletes will set up on the Bar, snatch grip, with the Bar on the ground. They will then initiate the pull, snatching weight overhead, ensuring the elbows are locked and control is demonstrated with knees locked and hips open. These may be Muscle, Power, or Squat Snatches. The Bar must touch the ground for each rep, failure to do so is a no rep. Be sure to have hips open, knees and elbows locked. We know you will likely be cycling these fast, so please be sure to hit all movement points and open hips to avoid no reps.

Pull-Up: The athlete must go from full extension hanging from the Bar, to the chin crossing the plane at the top. Butterfly, kipping, and strict is permitted. We will be enforcing strict standards, and you must cross the plane with the chin – aim for good reps, and not “turtle necking.”

Box Jump Overs: Athletes can move over the Box however they see fit, so long as the ankles/feet cross the vertical plane over the Box – whether they box jump – duck hop over, jump-stand-and-step, or clear the Box entirely by hopping over it without making contact. A two-footed takeoff is required. The rep will be counted when BOTH of the athletes feet are on the opposite side of the Box that they started. IE they must clear the Box and be on the ground on the other side if the time expires for the rep to count.

Scaling Options

Three 3-minute AMRAPs in 11 minutes
6 Power Snatches (75/55 lb)
9 Jumping Pull-Ups
12 Box Step Overs (20/16 in)

Rest 1 minute

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Background: The “Sit Rep 20.2” was the 2nd of the 2 total WODs for the 2020 Sit Rep online competition.  Sit Rep is a platform to bring awareness to situations that challenge veterans and pit-bull type dogs.

Barbells For Bullies @barbellsforbullies and VETWOD @vetwod team up to raise money and awareness for Healing4Heroes™ to assist military service members and veterans lead healthy, productive lives. The workouts are programmed by Street Parking @streetparking.

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