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by Lucas B Ferreira

“Prison Break”

Coach Creation WOD

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  • 10 rounds for time
  • 5 push up + renegade row*
  • 20 seated Russian twist
  • *push up + right arm row + push up + left arm row = 1 rep

Score is the time you take to complete 10 rounds.

This one is bodyweight…but if you want to do with dumbbells, GO FOR IT!

The goal is to go as fast as possible without losing your form.

Renegade rows, mantain you plank! Row only with your arms and keep your hips in line with your shoulders or slightly lower. Go a little bit wider on your legs if you need more balance. Torso and hips squared, abs really, really tight!!!

Push ups, hands in line with your chest and elbows pointing back. If you need to go on your knees to keep your plank, no problem. Keep in your mind that a push up is a "moving plank", so tighten up your core and do your push up!


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