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“Noah Calderon”


CrossFit Unchained Memorial WOD

4.1K 153
  • For Time (with a Partner)
  • Buy-In: 1,097 meter Row
  • Then, 20 Rounds of:
  • 3 Deadlifts (225/155 lb)
  • 8 Kettlebell Swings (53/35 lb)
  • 12 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
  • 20 Burpees

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the prescribed work. Athletes must complete the 1,097 meter Row before moving on to 20 rounds of 3 Deadlifts, 8 Kettlebell Swings, 12 Box Jumps, and 20 Burpees. One partner works at a time (you-go-I-go style). Partners may switch as needed.

Score is the time on the clock when the last round of the Burpees is completed.

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namesake photo

Background: This memorial workout is dedicated to Detention Deputy Noah Calderon who passed away on August 12, 2020, after a car accident while on their way to enjoy a vacation with his fiancée, Samantha, and little brother, Luke.

An 18-wheeler hit them head-on and Samantha died on impact, Noah succumbed to his injuries, while luke was paralyzed from the waist down.

Noah was the youngest in Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) history to join the organization as a deputy at the age of 18. He was only 20 at the time of his untimely death. His father, Edward Calderon, is a BCSO Patrol Sgt. Edward said Noah aspired to wear the uniform at a young age.

Edward learned Noah used his last bit of strength to rush to his brother’s side. “(Noah) was able to get himself up, crawl to his brother. He crawled to his fiancee and tried to save them, but he just couldn’t have the strength.”

“His heart was just there, full of joy, and he loved his job. He really did, and he’s going to be truly missed by all of us.”

The workout was designed by Coach Liz Salinas, CF-L2, of CrossFit Unchained @crossfitunchained (San Antonio, TX, USA). Her husband is a Traffic Sgt who is working in the same office as Noah.

The rep scheme signifies:
– 1,097 meters for Noah’s badge number
– 20 rounds for his age when he died
– 3 Deadlifts for the number of people inside his vehicle during the accident
– 8-12-20 reps for the date of his end of watch.

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