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  • On Monday we worked gymnastics/calisthenic movements, on Tuesday we worked
  • metabolic conditioning with a short, middle, and long distance effort, Wednesday we
  • worked through some of the classics of weightlifting and weight training. Today we
  • are taking a day of active rest. If you’ve performed to expectation you’ll welcome the
  • break. If you know our methods, you'll make an intelligent inference about tomorrow (hint).
  • The idea here is to engage in some sport or activity at intensity above recreational while
  • being below our regular training intensity. Don't count your primary sport! This is a
  • cross-training opportunity. Step outside your normal bounds. Below are some suggestions.
  • Bicycle Hill Climb
  • Hoops! (Basketball)
  • Swimming
  • Mountain Hike
  • Rollerblade
  • Surf Paddle
  • Handball or racquetball
  • Tennis

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