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by Ben Plotnicki

“Thrusta Rhymes”

Coach Creation WOD

742 26
  • 12 min clock
  • 40 thruster @ 75/55
  • 30 thruster @ 95/65
  • 20 thruster @ 135/95
  • 10 thruster @ 165/115
  • amrap in remaining time of thruster @ 185/125

this is really about your pacing, strategy and capacity to manage thrusters. The goal is to go from light to moderate to heavy to really heavy. Stategy comes into play of how big of sets can you hit without going too far and how quickly can you change weights and challenge yourself to get back on the bar.

Scaling options are either changing the overall loading, or the overal rep and time domain if you have poor rack moblity or don't have a ton of squat volume built up.

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I love thrusters, so this was born more out of trying to come up with something that would have some strategy but really hit some high volume of squatting.

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