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“The Stoji”

Tribute WOD for Peter Stoji

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  • For Time
  • 100 Burpees

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform 100 Burpees. Chest must touch the ground on the way down. Athlete must jump with air between feet and floor and clap above head to complete one repetition.

Score is the time on the clock when the 100th Burpee is completed.

Tips and Strategy

Go 80-95% hard or go at a pace to keep moving and escape the harsh realities for a bit. Break it into manageable sets, 10s or 20s or 60/40 or unbroken. No matter your fitness level, have a go. Everyone with a floor can do this WOD.
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Background: Over the years Peter Stoji, a loyal member of CrossFit Fibre (Embleton, Australia) had 2 major surgeries on both his arms to relocate his nerves. He had been out of action for a while but still showed up to the gym to chat with the crew and new members, help out when he could, and "no-rep members to keep them in check."

Peter absolutely hates burpees but he woke up one day during COVID-19 shelter in place and decided to do 100 for time. He filmed it, finished in 14:51, posted the video to the gym's members' online group, and encouraged others to give it a go. This started a chain reaction of all the members doing it in their homes and posting their results on his post. He created a little movement of doing the uncomfortable and inspired the group to move!

The workout was submitted to us by Coach Bjorn Voon of CrossFit Fibre.
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