“The Chief is Dead”

CrossFit LA Benchmark WOD

  • Five AMRAPs in 24 minutes
  • AMRAP in 4 minutes
  • 3 Power Cleans (135/95 lb)
  • 6 Push-Ups
  • 9 Air Squats
  • 12 Deadlifts (135/95 lb)
  • 1 minute Rest, then Repeat (5 times total)

Complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 4 minutes, then rest 1 minute. Start each 4-minute cycle where you left off on the previous cycle. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles. Count total rounds and reps completed.

"The Chief is Dead" is a benchmark WOD based on another popular WOD - a CrossFit Hero WOD called "The Chief." The movements and the interval style are similar but this version adds 12 deadlifts ("deads," hence the name) per round and a full extra minute per AMRAP cycle.

The workout was created by CrossFit LA (Santa Monica, CA, USA). The oldest mention we've found is when they posted it as their workout of the day for Monday, December 28, 2015 - but they told us they concocted the WOD back in 2014.
Source: crossfitla.com
Equipment : Barbell
Tags : AMRAP