“Team Series 18.4”

CrossFit Games 2018 Team Series WOD

  • 5 Rounds for Time
  • 50 Double-Unders (each)
  • 50 foot Synchronized Dumbbell Overhead Lunges (50/35 lb)
  • Time Cap: 15 minutes

This workout begins with both athletes standing with jump ropes in hand. After the call of “3, 2, 1…go!” the athletes will begin performing double-unders. The athletes will perform double-unders at the same time, but they do not need to be synchronized. Once both athletes have finished 50 reps, they will each pick up their respective dumbbells and, holding them overhead, will perform synchronized lunges for 50 feet (each 5-foot section completed counts as 1 rep), making sure their knees are in contact with the ground at the same time. If one athlete completes the 50-foot lunge first, that athlete will need to continue taking steps until the second partner’s heel crosses the finish line. This cycle is repeated until 5 rounds are completed. The workout ends once both athletes stand tall with their heels clearly past the finish line on the fifth round of lunges.

In this workout, where multiple athletes are completing reps simultaneously, teams should use additional judges as needed to ensure all standards are met.

Every second counts in this workout. The team’s score will be the time it takes to complete all the repetitions. Time will be recorded in full seconds. Do not round up. If the team finishes in 12:32.7, its score is 12:32. There is a 15-minute time cap. If the team does not finish all 550 reps before the time cap, its score will be the number of reps completed.

Scaled Option
5 rounds for time of:
50 single-unders
50-ft. single-arm overhead lunge

Men: 35-lb. dumbbell
Women: 20-lb. dumbbell

Choose a dumbbell with which you can lunge 25 ft. without setting it down. Newer athletes can also reduce the number of rounds, reps of the single-under and distance of the lunge so that the workout can be completed in under 15 minutes.

namesake photo
The 2018 Team Series will feature camaraderie, competition, and community with the added dynamic of partner events. The fourth workout of the series was released on September 19, 2018.
Movements : Double-Under, Lunge
Equipment : Dumbbell(s), Jump Rope
Scoring : For Time
Category : Qualifiers
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