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by James Fitzgerald

“Row 30/30 x4”


Big Dawgs Cyclical Benchmark WOD

4.8K 176
  • 4 Rounds for Meters in 4 minutes
  • 30 second Row
  • 30 second Rest

To execute the test, the athlete simply performs 4, 30 second all-out bouts on the rower, resting 30 seconds on the erg. The athlete sets the rower to 30/30 intervals to record accurate scores.

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The 30/30 row gives us an idea of an athlete’s power output and anaerobic potential on the front end as well as sustainability as you get to sets 2, 3 and 4.

Good scores:
What we want to see in the 30/30 row is a front end score of bodyweight converted in meters then 95, 92, 90%.

Potential limiters:
• Mechanics on rower
• Anaerobic power
• Anaerobic sustainability
• Aerobic base

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