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“One Bar, Three Girls”


CrossFit Central Scotland Benchmark WOD

15.4K 161
  • 21-15-9 Reps for Time
  • Thrusters (135/95 lb)
  • Pull-Ups
  • Squat Cleans (135/95 lb)
  • Ring Dips
  • Deadlifts (135/95 lb)
  • Handstand Push-Ups

Use the same weight for all barbell movements.

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namesake photo

Background: The “One Bar, Three Girls” benchmark WOD (aka: “3 Girls, 1 Bar”) is a combination of movements from 3 classic CrossFit “Girls WODs:” “Fran,” “Elizabeth,” and “Diane.”

The oldest mentions we’ve found of this workout credit CrossFit Central Scotland (UK) with its creation, considering it one of their infamous “Painstorm” WODs from June 2009. He haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact date of the workout’s release but SPQR Fitness (GU1 Strength and Conditioning) (Guildford, England, UK) posted it as their workout of the day for June 4, 2009.

In that post there was no prescribed (Rx) weight. The post said: “Folks who are only a little nuts should use Fran weight (95/65lb), those bordering on lunacy could try Elizabeth weight (135/85lb) and if anyone is insane enough to try Diane weight (225/185lb) I want to see a video of that!”

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