“Oh No Curtis P”

SealFIT Benchmark WOD

  • For Time
  • 100 Curtis P's (105/70 lb)
  • One "Curtis P" complex is comprised of one Power Clean, one Lunge (each leg), and one Push Press.
namesake photo
Background: The “Oh No Curtis P” workout was first named in a Facebook post by SEALFIT on November 28, 2010. About three years prior in the CrossFit Forum, in a discussion on work capacity, Carl Amolat said that a similar 100 Curtis P's workout, designed to be done in "under an hour." That version of the workout, which was given no name, had the weight set to 60% of the athlete's body weight.
Movements : Clean, Lunge, Push Press
Equipment : Barbell
Scoring : For Time
Dates : November 28