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CrossFit "Girl" Benchmark WOD

56.3K 723
  • AMRAP in 20 minutes
  • 400 meter Run
  • Max Pull-Ups

On a 20-minute clock, perform a 400 meter run, then complete as many Pull-Ups as possible in a single set (unbroken, meaning a drop from the pull-up bar, touching the ground, or otherwise resting in any position other than a hang counts as a break and the end of the set). Continue immediately to another Run and another max set of Pull-Ups. Repeat until the 20-minutes is up.

Score is the total number of Pull-Ups completed (cumulative across all rounds) before the 20-minute clock stops.

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namesake photo

Background: “Nicole” is one of CrossFit’s classic “Girls” workouts, named for Nicole Carroll @nicole.carroll, an early member of the original CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz, CA. One of the original “Nasty Girls,” Carroll later became a highly influential Co-Director of Training at CrossFit, Inc. and CrossFit media personality.

In 2018, as a guest on former CrossFit Games athlete, Julie Foucher’s @juliefoucher podcast, Nicole told the story of how the workout came to be named after her.

As the story goes, the first time the workout was posted on the CrossFit Main Site (without a name) she did it and went full bore on each pull-up set, to the point that she was only able to do a few reps in the last couple sets. She was so sore after the workout that she couldn’t do a pull-up for days. CrossFit founder Greg Glassman later told her he’d name the workout after her. The next time she attempted the workout, years later, she used a different approach…paced herself a little better.

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