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by Ben Plotnicki

“My Late afternoon/evening go to”

Coach Creation WOD

332 17
  • 5 rft
  • 10 overhead squat @ 135/95
  • 10 ring dip

Score is the time it takes to complete 5 rounds

Standard movement for overhead squat and ring dip is kippping or strict.

Goal is loading and range of motion should be unbroken for the first 2 rounds and then however you can manage for breaking up the movements in the final 2 rounds.

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This workout came about for me as the overhead squat has always been one of my favorite and best exercises. If I wanted to hit a workout after coaching a class all day, I always believed that I should need as little warm up as possible to get in to a good overhead squat position, and if I struggled with that position then I needed to spend a little more time making sure I could get in this position. I would always do a quick warm up after coaching and get after this quick workout. It had a movement I loved and one I wanted to continuously get better at. The ring dips have some limitation from the shoulder and triceps stabilization role in the overhead squat and loved to use this workout as a barometer on how my stability played a role into the coupling of the 2 movements

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