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Benchmark WOD

43.6K 306
  • For Time
  • 50 Deadlifts (135/95 lbs)
  • 50 Double Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)
  • 50 Push-Ups
  • 50 Clean-and-Jerks (135/95 lb)
  • 50 Pull-Ups
  • 50 Kettlebell Taters (24/16 kg)
  • 50 Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 50 Wall Climbs
  • 50 Knee-to-Elbows
  • 50 Double-Unders

A Kettlebell Tater is a kettlebell swing into a front squat, in which the bell is flipped upside down at the top of the swing and right side up again at the top of the front squat. See: Kettlebell Tater demo video

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Background: The “Miagi” benchmark WOD was first posted to YouTube by Rogue Fitness on April 19, 2011 – footage of a workout that had taken place in December of 2010, with several notable athletes participating, including Graham Holmberg @grahamholmberg, Christy Adkins @christyphillipsadkins, Mikko Salo @mikkosalo63, Dan Bailey @dan_bailey9 and Kate Rawlings @katekillerrawlings.

On that day, the top four times were Mikko Salo (29:47), Dan Bailey (33:13), Kate Rawlings (37:03), Graham Holmberg (38:06).

Bill Henniger of Rogue fitness said that it was Kate’s favorite workout and that she had created it. He said, “no rhyme or reason, it’s just [about] how quickly you can get through it…a gameplan type thing.”

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