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“Karen Arnold”


Memorial WOD

1.7K 108
  • For Time
  • 150 Goblet Squats (53/35 lb)
  • Starting at 0:00, every minute on the minute, perform:
  • 5 Burpees

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the 150 Goblet Squats. Starting at 0:00, every minute on the minute, perform 5 Burpees.

Score is the time on the clock when the 150th Goblet Squat is completed.

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namesake photo

Background: This memorial workout is dedicated to Karen Arnold who passed away on April 4, 2020.

Karen was a pillar in the Alaskan CrossFit, Gymnastics and Power Lifting communities, coaching at several Alaskan CrossFit gyms and events. She had a passion for lifting heavy, coaching kids, handstands, and participating in every community event possible.

“Lift something heavy and eat a cupcake!” was her tagline.

According to the submission to WODwell, Karen and her husband Derick moved to Nebraska in 2016, and in 2018 became the owner and head trainer at Xtreme Performance and Conditioning.

The workout was collectively designed by the Alaskan CrossFit community with Karen in mind, as she reportedly loved doing Wall Ball Shots and Burpees.

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