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“Jacinto Storm”


Birthday WOD for Jacinto Bonilla

17.3K 166
  • For Time
  • 69 Double-Unders
  • 69 Air Squats
  • 69 Push-Ups
  • 69 Pull-Ups
  • 69 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
  • 69 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
  • 69 Deadlifts (95/65 lb)
  • 69 Double-Unders

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namesake photo

Background: Competitive CrossFitter, Jacinto Bonilla @crossfit1939 created this workout to celebrate his own 69th birthday in 2008 (born July 3, 1939). Every year since he then, Bonilla — a grandfather (of 12) — has added one repetition to his signature birthday workout, also known as the “Jacinto Storm.” And it’s gone viral, with CrossFit-ers around the world partaking in “Jacinto Storm” to honor the septuagenarian New Yorker.”

“Jacinto Storm is a remarkable feat for even dedicated CrossFit enthusiasts — let alone one with nearly eight decades on Earth under his belt. For this birthday workout, Jacinto gave final words of wisdom to nearly two dozen people (the majority of whom were approximately half of his age) who came to do the workout alongside him at CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen. “Don’t hurt yourself,” the bald-headed senior with a fuzzy white mustache and beard cautioned.” -Today Show

We first found this workout posted by CrossFit South Brooklyn @crossfitsouthbrooklyn. Jacinto also trains at CrossFit Virtuosity @crossfitvirtuosity.

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