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by Chris Spealler

“Icon 3”


Icon Athlete Benchmark WOD

6.2K 212
  • For Time
  • 12 Front Squats (225/155 lb)
  • 9 Clean-and-Jerks (225/155 lb)
  • 6 Snatches (225/155 lb)

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namesake photo

“Icon 3” was shared by Chris Spealler (7-time Individual CrossFit Games competitor) via a personal Facebook post on May 28, 2016 – it’s one of a handful of benchmark workouts he created for his brand, Icon Athlete. It was first released on his Instagram account with the other 7 Icon workouts on November 11, 2015.

“I wrote the Icon 8 as a way to test a variety of areas of fitness. Rather than just a 1 RM I decided to write Icon 3 as one of the tests showing the ability to move heavy weight.

I have to scale it. It’s humbling, but it makes me better and pushes others that have the ability to crush it.” – Chris Spealler

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