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“Heinz 57”

CrossFit Pickering Benchmark WOD

10.6K 215
  • For Time
  • 57 calorie Row
  • 57 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)
  • 57 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35 lb)
  • 57 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
  • 57 Push-Ups
  • 57 calorie Assault Bike

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This WOD was designed by CrossFit Pickering @crossfitpickering (near Toronto, Canada). Coach Mark Willis submitted the workout to us, saying “In developing the WOD I wanted to focus on skills that were accessible for most and did not require modifications outside of degree of difficulty. I needed to be sure that the advanced CrossFitter and the newly minted novice would feel uncomfortable doing the WOD based on their own proficiencies. The goal of challenging aerobic capacity and strength was surely evident as this one progressed.”

“The idea of Heinz 57 came to me because as a community we are a diverse group. As our members grow in terms of numbers we have a wider spectrum of people from different races, athletic and non athletic backgrounds, and religions. Our community is tight knit in that we have a strong brand at CrossFit Pickering, and the ties that bind us together are the continued support of one another regardless of where we are from or our cultural beliefs. Our common goal is to train with one another, support one another, and have a lot of fun doing it.”

Also, “we were looking for a WOD to celebrate my 57th birthday [on July 14, 2017]. Typically we run some longer chippers on Saturday, so this [was] a good fit based on the programming surrounding it and the athletes who regularly attend [our] Saturday classes. It got rave reviews from our membership…”

About Coach Willis: “My CrossFit journey started [in 2011]. Never been a lifter, never really been a good athlete, but was a student of sport, and had lots of contact with athletes from working in the sportswear business. I had found CrossFit totally by chance, did a quick on-ramp program and was hooked from the get go. Unfortunately, I was also battling through needing a hip replacement and just as I got my groove, the hip pain became intolerable and had to make a temporary stop until I got it replaced. I had the hip replaced in September of 2012, returned to the gym as soon as I could, December of the same year, then attended my L1 and CrossFit Endurance courses a year after that. [Later] attended my first Ontario Weightlifting Certification and will begin working with a student athlete in September to complete this program. I coached in the minor hockey world for almost 30 years and was comfortable in the coaching role. Coaching is a pleasure to me for so many reasons. Helping people achieve their fitness goals is one of the biggest honours I have had. I…spend a lot of time doing research on functional movement… I want my athletes to be challenged every day they are there and I want them to challenge me. I’m inspired by the true heroes we recognize from military, and first responder backgrounds, and so proud to be part of a global community that seems to me to be filled with fantastic individuals all respecting one another for their commitment to making themselves better than the day before.”

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