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Memorial WOD for Hannah Clarke and Her 3 Children

841 6
  • For Time
  • 100 foot Handstand Walk
  • 100 foot Walking Lunges (2x22.5/15 kg)
  • 6 Ring Muscle-Ups
  • 100 foot Handstand Walk
  • 100 foot Walking Lunges (2x22.5/15 kg)
  • 4 Ring Muscle-Ups
  • 100 foot Handstand Walk
  • 100 foot Walking Lunges (2x22.5/15 kg)
  • 3 Ring Muscle-Ups


Athlete can scale the ring muscle-ups to bar muscle-ups, pull-ups or ring rows.

Due to the significance of the rep scheme (see below), consider keeping the 6-4-3 format regardless of movement scaling.

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namesake photo
Background: This memorial workout is dedicated to Hannah Clarke Baxter and her children (Laianah, four, Aaliyah, six, and Trey, three) who were killed in a horrific car fire on February 19, 2020.

Tragically, the fire was started by Hannah's estranged husband in an unconscionable act of domestic violence.

This workout was designed by Dave Kramer @_davekramer who was a very close friend to Hannah.

In a conversation with WODwell he said, "Hannah was a strong woman, and she was incredibly passionate about helping transform today’s youth into tomorrow’s stars, not just through fitness, but by being incredibly kind and caring to every little soul who walked into her gym. Hannah would want this workout to inspire women to be strong, and for kids to believe that their capabilities are limitless."

"Handstand walks and lunges were Hanah's favorite exercises in workouts. She fought hard for her muscle-ups, as she did her children, who passed at ages 6, 4, and 3."

The workout was also posted by @handstands_for_hann, which was created as part of an effort for fundraising and awareness of domestic violence in memory of Hannah and her children.

For more infomation see: @morningchalkup published a story on the outpouring of support from a shocked community.

Hannah’s family started a foundation called @smallsteps4hannah to protect those impacted by domestic violence.

See also: "Hannah" Memorial WOD (same person, different workout)
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