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aka "Bring Sally Up," Benchmark WOD

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  • For Max Reps, to the tune of the song "Flower" perform the following movements for every mention of:
  • - "Bring Sally Up:" Hold top of the Push-Up
  • - "Bring Sally Down:" Hold the bottom of the Push-Up (keep chest an inch off the ground)

To the tune of the song, “Flower”, by Moby, start on the ground in the bottom of the Push-Up position. When the song says “Bring Sally Up,” press up into the top of the Push-Up position and hold until the song says “Bring Sally Down,” then descend back to the bottom of the Push-Up position (keep chest about an inch off the ground) until you press back to the top of the Push-Up after the next “Bring Sally Up.” Continue in this manner for the entire song. Do not rest or let any other part of the body touch the ground while the song is playing.

Score is the total number of Push-Ups you complete before failure. If you complete every rep based on the song’s lyrics you will complete 30 Push-Ups.

Alternative Movements

This benchmark WOD can be done with Push-Ups as shown here, or with other movements like Air Squats, Back Squats (weighted) or Pull-Ups.

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Background: This version of “Flower,” also called “Flower Push-Ups” has been adopted by athletes all over the world, as have multiple variants with different movements. We’ve seen versions that used Push-Up (most common), Air Squat, Back Squat (135/95 lb) (advanced), and Pull-Up (advanced).

The earliest post we found was from former 4x CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning @richfroning who challenged athletes to do Back Squats at 135/95 lb back in September, 2013.

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