“Death By Assault”

Assault Fitness Benchmark WOD

  • EMOM For As Long As Possible
  • Ascending Assault Bike calories
  • Start with 3 calories. Add 3 calories every minute until failure.

Beginning with 3 calories on the Assault Air Bike, rest until 1:00 then add 3 additional calories every minute on the minute until failure to complete designated calories. Complete 3 calories the first minute for round one, then rest until 1:00. Complete 6 calories in one minute for round two, 9 calories for round three, and so on.

namesake photo
This is the earliest version of "Death by Assault" we have found, first posted by Assault Fitness (@assaultairbike) on Instagram on May 6, 2015 (the 3 calories in minute 1, adding 3 each minute format shown above). They posted a modified version of the workout on November 16, 2016 as "begin with 5 calories, add 1 calorie every minute." This newer version was one of the challenge workouts by Assault Fitness for their Assault WOD series in 2016.

See also: "Death By...Anything," a popular EMOM WOD format which typically starts with 1 repetition (or calorie) of any movement for the first minute and increments by 1.
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