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by John Welbourn

“CrossFit Football Total”


CrossFit Football Benchmark WOD

25.7K 132
  • For Load
  • 1 rep max Power Clean
  • 1 rep max Back Squat
  • 1 rep max Bench Press
  • 1 rep max Deadlift

After the warm up, you have 3 attempts to reach a 1 rep max for each of the following movements.  Add the highest weight lifted for each lift and that gives you your CrossFit Football Total.

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The “CrossFit Football Total” is a strength WOD based on the three movements from the sport of power lifting (back squat, bench press, deadlift) plus the explosive power clean.

The workout was designed by John Welbourn @johnwelbourn of CrossFit Football (now @johnniewod). Since the CrossFit Football website is no longer live we’re not able to verify the original source. The oldest mention we’ve found was from CrossFit Iron Will (Ludlow, MA, USA) who posted it as the workout of the day for July 26, 2010.

See also: “CrossFit Total” and “CrossFit Total II”

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