CrossFit Benchmark "Girl" WOD

  • AMRAP in 20 minutes
  • 5 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Push-Ups
  • 15 Air Squats

Good Score for “Cindy” (source)
– Beginner: 11-12 rounds
– Intermediate: 13-17 rounds
– Advanced: 19-22 rounds
– Elite: 24+ rounds

Background: "Cindy," typically thought of as one of CrossFit's classic "Girls" workouts, has been around since 2005, but was not actually not named as one of "The Girls" in a 2010 CrossFit Journal article. Despite that, it remains one of the most popular CrossFit workouts.

"Cindy" was first posted on the CrossFit Main Site as the workout of the day (along with "Mary" - which was officially added to the list of The Girls in the same Journal article linked above) for Saturday, May 14, 2005. They described the workout as "Chelsea’s less patient twin sister."

See also (variants): Cindy XXX, Hard Cindy, Chelsea, Candy, Mary, Maggie
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