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CrossFit North Benchmark WOD

89.5K 2.0K
  • 3 Rounds for Time
  • 500 meter Row
  • 12 Deadlifts (Bodyweight)
  • 21 Box Jumps (24/20 in)

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the prescribed work in the order written for 3 rounds.

Score is the time on the clock when the last round of Box Jumps is completed.

Good Score for “Christine”
– Beginner: 15-20 minutes
– Intermediate: 12-14 minutes
– Advanced: 9-11 minutes
– Elite: <8 minutes

Tips and Strategy

This is a hamstring-intensive WOD, so be sure to prime your lower body for the movements. Warm-up exercises like Downward Dog, Inchworms, and Cossack Squats are perfect for a workout like “Christine.”

On the Box Jumps, take a few seconds to shake out your legs/get focussed prior to each set. Your legs will be wobbly and fatigued. Missing the jump and hitting your shins on the box is never fun.

Intended Stimulus

Overall, “Christine” should feel challenging and fun. The Deadlift weight should feel moderate—not too heavy, not too light. The box height should feel very manageable. The most difficult/exhausting part of this WOD will be the Row. By the 3rd round of rowing, your legs/lungs should be burning. But no big deal—it’s almost over by then!

Scaling Options 

The volume in “Christine” is doable for most athletes. Instead of reducing reps or meters, scale the Box height and/or Deadlift load as needed so you can get these two movements done in one or two sets. Unbroken Deadlifts should be the goal.

3 Rounds for Time
500 meter Row
12 Deadlifts (1/2 Bodyweight)
21 Box Jumps (20/12 in)

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namesake photo

Background: The “Christine” workout, while not technically one of CrossFit’s classic “Girls” WODs, has been posted (unnamed) on the CrossFit Main Site as the workout of the day (first as 130902) – but with a different box height (20” instead of 24”).

In the CrossFit forum, user Mark Brinton attributed the workout to “CrossFit North” (CrossFit’s very first affiliate – near Bellevue, WA USA). Brinton first cited it in the CrossFit Forum on June 7, 2006 as one of the workouts that gym used to “evaluate new members.”

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