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Tribute WOD for Alice Elderton

5.1K 125
  • 4 Rounds for Time (with a Partner)
  • 300 meter Run (together)
  • 30 Power Cleans (30 kg)
  • 30 Burpees
  • 30 calorie Air Bike
  • 30 Air Squats
  • 30 Alternating Lunges
  • 30 calories Air Bike
  • 30 Deadlifts (30 kg)
  • 30 Ball Slams (9/6 kg)
  • 30 calorie Air Bike
  • Buy-Out: 300 AbMat Sit-Ups

With a running clock, as fast as possible complete the prescribed work in the order written with a partner for 4 rounds. The prescribed weight for the Deadlifts is 30 kg for both men and women.

Score is the time on the clock when the 300 Sit-Ups are completed.

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namesake photo

Background: This tribute workout is dedicated to Alice Elderton, a NHS worker, for her 30th birthday during the COVID pandemic in 2020. She was born on December 4, 1990.

Alice has had a history of anorexia from the age of 15. She used to be a gymnast and sprinter but lost all her weight and strength, and had completely stopped training – until she found CrossFit. Since then, her motivation is outstanding and she looks to inspire and motivate other people. She lost her brother 4 years ago when he was 29 years old, after losing his battle with mental health. He had suffered from poor eyesight all his life and went completely blind a year before he took his own life.

The workout was designed by Phillip Myerscough @pipovskipitrovski, a friend and fitness instructor, to celebrate Alice on her 30th Birthday, hence the 30 reps of each exercise on each round.

– Round 1 is in honour of her and her 30th birthday
– Round 2 is in honour of her brother
– Round 3 is in honour of her strength
– Round 4 is in honour of her desire to inspire and motivate others who have been through similar life situations.

The movements chosen were picked to create a full body work, really pushing the body to its limit on this lengthy workout.

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