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“Even Stevens” Class WOD

2.9K 24
  • Alternating On the Minute for 16 minutes
  • “Even Stevens”
  • 8 Rounds
  • Even: 10 Hand Release Push-ups + 20 Double Unders
  • Odd: Max Calorie Row

In this EMOM-style workout, athletes will have the whole first minute to complete 10 hand release push-ups and 20 double unders. After the initial minute, the athlete will row as many calories as possible.

Scaling: The rep number or variation athletes choose on the push-ups should be something they can complete 20+ repetitions unbroken when fresh and within 2 sets during the workout. The variation on the rope should be something that athletes can complete 50+ repetitions when fresh and/or unbroken within the workout.

We’re ideally looking to finish the first set in 40-45 seconds in order to hold those numbers for the rounds to come. At the top of the following minute, athletes will complete as many calories on the row as possible. The score today is lowest number of calories on the rower over the course of the 8 rounds. For example, if athletes rounds on the rower went 18-18-17-17-16-14-13-15, their score for the day would be 13 calories.

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Strategy: With 8 minutes on the rower today and that being the scored portion, athletes can aim to hold somewhere around their 2-5 seconds slower than their 2k pace, as that is roughly an 8-9 minute effort.

The rest in the workout can come one of two places. Before beginning the push-ups, or after finishing the double unders. Athletes can take a moment and gather themselves folling the minute on the rower before beginning the push-ups. The other option is to immediately transition from the rower into the push-ups, using the time remaining following the final double under as the rest before getting strapped into the rower again.

Intitially feeling out the immediate transition from the rower to push-ups may be the best option. While it does make the push-ups and rope more challenging, it gives athletes more transition time to get set for the scored portion of the workout.

Source: wodwell.com
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