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Handstand Walk

Why: The handstand walk is a high-skill gymnastics movement that challenges your upper body strength, core strength, balance, and coordination. As you become more proficient at this bodyweight movement, you’ll build upon those skills and strength, and see improvements in all other training areas. And when you’re ready to test your skills, try the 2016 CrossFit Games Individual WOD “Handstand Walk”—it’s a 280 foot handstand walk for time! 

Set-Up: Kick up to a freestanding handstand, inverted with your hands on the floor just outside shoulder-width. Keep your arms extended and your abdominals braced. Keep a neutral spine. 

Execution: Allow your bodyweight to shift to one side. Move your unloaded arm forward. The slight, forward angle of your legs will allow you to keep walking. 

Points of Performance: To get a “good rep,” ensure the following:
– Your feet don’t touch the ground until you reach the required distance

Pro-Tip: Keep your knees locked out and toes pointed as you walk. Bent knees and haphazard feet mean that your core isn’t braced. A soft core is both inefficient and can be unsafe.

Handstand Walk Demos

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Handstand Walk Progressions
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