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Anatomy of a Benchmark WOD

What’s in a benchmark WOD? It’s more than a workout.

Many of the most popular WODs on WODwell include more than just the workout. Below is a brief breakdown of what you’ll find on each benchmark WOD page, followed by an annotated example.


  • Below the workout name and subtitle you’ll see action buttons that let you add a workout to your personal collections or share it on social media


  • Below that, you’ll see the workout itself, followed by helpful workout notes, required equipment, and links to movement demos.
  • For our most popular workouts, you’ll find even more detailed notes like intended stimulus, workout tips & strategy, and/or scaling options.
  • Over 1,000 workouts also include workout video demos so you can watch other athletes do the workouts or coaches share their tips.


  • Scroll down further and you’ll discover the background story behind the workout. Each benchmark workout has a story that’s verified by our staff.
  • You’ll also find any dates of significance (which link to our WOD Calendar). The ⚡️means the calendar is a feature available to Beastmode members.
  • Finally, we always cite the original source when available.

Here’s an example…

Each section of the benchmark workout (“The Chief”) is labeled/annotated in the image below.



Benchmark workouts (WODs) are hallmarks of functional fitness. They are well-tested by athletes worldwide and their stories are well-known. All verified benchmark workouts (1,000+ of them) are available on WODwell for free, forever. See all benchmark WODs >