Sponsorships & Advertising

Got something you want to share with our audience? If we like your product we bet our audience will, too. Want us to try it? Contact us here or just email hello@wodwell.com.

Functional Fitness Influencers

WODwell.com is one of the most popular CrossFit-related web apps, with 180,000+ monthly active users, 25,000+ email subscribers and millions of views on YouTube.

We started WODwell as a YouTube channel in 2014. We were just a couple of CrossFit fanatics who wanted to make WOD videos for regular athletes, and our passion connected with a global audience of athletes like us. In 2015 we launched wodwell.com, which now reaches over 2 million users per year.

Start Small: Limited Sponsorship

If we think our audience will like your stuff as much as we do, here are some of the ways we can share it:

  • Display and native ad placements here on WODwell.com
  • Special mention and product placement in our WOD videos
  • Exclusive ad space in our email newsletter
  • Promotion across our social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Contests and giveaways with prizes by the sponsor

And we’re open to other creative options. Rates, duration, and other details can be provided upon request. Contact us here or email hello@wodwell.com.

Go Big: Takeover Sponsorship

Reach as many fitness fanatics as possible, as quickly as possible. Take over all the ad space on this website, our YouTube channel, our email newsletter and our social media channels to reach our entire audience multiple times over the course of a week, or a month – such as during the CrossFit Open or other major functional fitness events.

Contact us here or email hello@wodwell.com.