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“WZAOC Qualifier 18.7”


2018 Wodapalooza Online Qualifier WOD #7

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  • Every 2 Minutes on the Minute For As Long As Possible
  • 8 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20 in)
  • 8 Hang Power Snatches (115/80 lb)
  • 8 Thrusters (115/80 lb)


8 Burpee Box Jump Overs (20, 16in – May Step-Over)
8 Hang Power Snatches (75, 55Lbs)
8 Thrusters (75, 55Lbs)


Prior to the start of WOD 7, athletes shall have a pre-loaded barbell with clips to the assigned hang snatch and thruster load, and a plyometric box at the assigned height.

The clock shall be set ascending to 60:00.

At the start of the clock, the athlete will begin the first two-minute round (0:00 to 2:00,) with their first set of eight burpee box jump-overs. Upon completion of the eight repetitions, the athlete will proceed to the barbell, where they’ll complete eight hang snatches. Finally, they’ll close out the round with eight thrusters with the same barbell.

If the athlete is able to complete the allotted work (8 reps of the three movements) within the two-minute window, they’ll earn themselves another two minute round starting at 2:00. If there is any remaining time within the 2 minute round upon completion of the work, the athlete must rest the remainder.

At minute 2:00, the athlete will begin again with the 8 burpee box jump overs, 8 hang snatches, and 8 thrusters. If they finish it within the window of 2:00 to 4:00, they’ll rest the remainder, and repeat again at minute 4:00 to 6:00.

Athletes will continue in this fashion for as long as possible until they are no longer able to complete the entirety of the 8/8/8 within the two-minute window. If they do not complete the entire work within any of the 2:00 windows, their workout concludes.

This workout is scored as the total number of repetitions completed. The tie-breaker shall be recorded as the total time on the clock at the conclusion of the athlete’s previous complete round. For example, if an athlete finishes round 6 at 11:47, and is not able to complete the next round, their score would be their total repetitions, and 11:47 would be recorded as the tie-breaker.

Movement Standards

Burpee Box Jump Over: The burpee box jump begins with an athlete using a box set to the required height. Each repetition begins with the athlete facing the box. The athlete shall then perform a burpee, facing the box. This requires the athlete’s chest and thighs to come in contact with the floor. The athlete must then jump themselves to a standing position with both feet in contact with the floor. From here, the athlete must jump with a two-foot takeoff either on top of the box or directly over the box. If landing on top of the box, the athlete may step or jump down on the opposite side. However, both feet must pass directly over the box. Also, no hip extension is required on top of the box or at any point. Once both of the athlete’s feet come in contact with the ground on the opposite side of the box in which the repetition started, that rep shall be counted.

The athlete must always start each repetition facing the box. Lateral burpees to the box will not be accepted.

If performing scaled, step-up and overs of any variety will be accepted.

Hang Snatch: The hang snatch requires the athlete to start with a preloaded barbell with clips. At the start of each set, the athlete must deadlift the bar and come to a clear stop, with the athlete’s hips and knees extended, the barbell in the athlete’s hands in the hang position. Each repetition must begin from the hang position, with the athlete’s arms extended, the barbell below the hip, and off the floor. Then, in one fluid motion, the athlete must bring the barbell directly overhead. Each repetition is counted when the athlete’s hips, knees, shoulders, and arms are extended, with the barbell directly over the athlete’s center of mass.

The athlete may perform any style of hang snatch, including hang power, hang split, hang muscle, or hang squat. If for whatever reason the barbell comes in contact with the ground, the athlete must deadlift the bar before attempting another repetition.

Thruster: The thruster shall be performed with the same barbell as the hang power snatch, and requires the athlete start with the barbell in the front rack position. From here, the athlete must pass through a front squat, with the athlete’s hip crease passing below the top of their knee. Then, the athlete must extend their hips and knees while simultaneously pressing upward on the bar, to finish with the barbell locked out overhead, with the athlete’s hips, knees, shoulders, and arms extended, with the barbell over the athlete’s center of mass.

The athlete may “thruster-jerk.” The athlete may also their set of thrusters immediately following their final repetition of hang power snatches, by bringing the barbell directly to the front-rack position, as opposed to placing the barbell down. Finally, the athlete may start each set by performing a squat clean thruster.

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Background: The WZA Online Challenge and Qualifier (WZAOC) is a two-part series where athletes from all over the world come together for this one of a kind online challenge. The WZAOC brings the party to your gym! Participants can expect challenging workouts, fun prizes and memories to last a lifetime.
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