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“WZAOC Qualifier 18.5”

2018 Wodapalooza Online Qualifier WOD #5

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  • AMRAP in 15 minutes
  • 30 Back Squats (135/95 lb)
  • 30 Toes-to-Bars
  • 30 Back Squats (135/95 lb)
  • 30 Deficit Handstand Push-Ups
  • 30 Back Squats (135/95 lb)
  • 30/20 Ring Muscle-Ups

Prior to the start of the workout, the athlete will begin with a preloaded Barbell with clips for the Back Squats. Team WZA recommends using a Rack for this workout, but athletes may choose to keep the Barbell on the ground or take it from the Rack. Also, athletes must pre-measure out the Box for their hand location during the Handstand Push-Up repetitions, with more specifics listed out below.

Athletes will proceed through the allotted movements in sequential order, and if able to get through it in its entirety, will then proceed to start back at the first movement and continue through again until the clock runs out. At the start of the clock, athletes will begin with their set of Back Squats. Athletes may take as many sets as necessary to complete the total number of required repetitions.

Once completed, the athlete will advance on to the Pull-Up Rig for the Toes-to-Bar. Once again, the athlete may break it up how they wish, but may not advance to the next movement before completion of the Toes-to-Tar. Once complete, the athlete will head back to the same Barbell for another set of required Back Squats.

Upon completion, they’ll head to the wall for their required version of Handstand Push-Ups. Once they complete the required repetitions, they’ll head back to the Back Squats. Upon completion of the Back Squats, they’ll then head to the Hanging Rings for Ring Muscle-Ups. If they are able to complete the required number of repetitions within the fifteen time-cap, athletes will then start back at the top of the workout with another set of Back Squats. They’ll continue in this fashion until the time runs out.

Score is the total number of repetitions completed within the 15-minute cap, with the time-cap being the time on the clock after the completion of the second movement (toes to bar or hanging knee raises.)

Movement Standards

Back Squats: The Barbell Back Squat requires the athlete have a preloaded Barbell, with clips, either on the rack or the floor. The athlete will bring the Barbell to the back-rack and may then begin their repetitions. Each rep will start standing tall with hips and knees extended. The athlete will then pass through a full-depth squat, with their hip crease passing below the top of their knee. Each rep will finish with the athlete finishing standing tall with the athlete’s hips and knees at full extension.

Toes-to-Bar (Hanging Knee Raises): The Toes-to-Bar requires an athlete to start each set at a dead hang from a Pull-Up Bar, with shoulders, arms, hips, and legs at full extension. Each repetition consists of an athlete bringing both feet behind the perpendicular vertical plane created by the Pull-Up Bar, and finishes with both feet simultaneously in contact with the Pull-Up Bar, between the athlete’s hands.

If the athlete is required to perform hanging knee raises, each rep consists of an athlete bringing both feet behind the perpendicular vertical plane created by the Pull-Up Bar and finishes with both the athlete’s knees passing above their hip creases.

(Deficit) Handstand Push-Up: For the Deficit Handstand Push-Up, prior to the start of the workout, athletes must measure out and mark a box measuring 36in wide by 24in from the floor. This is for the athlete’s hand placement. The athlete’s palms may not extend beyond this box over the course of any handstand push-up repetition, however, their fingers may.

If performing repetitions at a deficit, we recommend marking clearly on top of the plates or platform athletes are using to place their hands, to ensure hands do not go outside of this box. Each repetition begins with the kicking upside down, onto the wall, with the athlete’s hands clearly inside of the box, arms and shoulders locked out, body vertically aligned, with feet in contact with the wall. Once this position is established, the athlete may lower their body down to bring their head in contact with the ground. From here, the athlete may use any style of Handstand Push-Up, including kipping or strict, to press and finish with their body vertically aligned, arms and shoulders locked out, and feet in contact with the wall.

Each rep must have the athlete’s head make contact with the floor, and finish in this extended position. If at any point in time an athlete kicks off the wall, they must first establish the locked out finish position, with body vertically aligned before lowering down to begin repetitions. If over the course of a repetition, the athlete’s hands leave the marked box, that rep shall not count. However, if the athlete is resting with their head on the floor, they may adjust their hands (which may have them come out of the box,) but must return them to the box before attempting to complete another repetition. If performing deficit, the athlete must use a flat surface for their hands; for example, athletes may not use Parallettes nor place their fingers in the holes on plates.

Ring Muscle-Ups: The Ring Muscle-Up begins with a set of hanging rings. The athlete must begin each set at a dead hang from Gymnastics Rings, with shoulders, arms, hips, and legs at full extension. The athlete must then, either using a strict or kipping method, bring themselves on top the rings and finish with the athlete’s shoulders over the rings, in a finished dip position, with arms locked out. If cycling repetitions, the athlete must change direction at the bottom of the Rings. Any form of an up-rise or any other in-ordinary movements will not be accepted.

Scaling Options

AMRAP in 15 minutes
30 Back Squats (95/65 lb)
30 Hanging Knee Raises
30 Back Squats (95/65 lb)
30 Hand Release Push-Ups
30 Back Squats (95/65 lb)
30/20 Pull-Ups

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Background: The “WZAOC Qualifier 18.5” was the 5th of 7 total workouts announced for the 2018 Wodapalooza Online Qualifier.

The WZA Online Challenge and Qualifier (WZAOC) is a two-part series where athletes from all over the world come together for this one of a kind online challenge. The WZAOC brings the party to your gym! Participants can expect challenging workouts, fun prizes and memories to last a lifetime.

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