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“WZAOC Qualifier 18.2 & 18.3”


2018 Wodapalooza Online Qualifier WOD #2 & #3

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  • AMRAP in 8 minutes
  • Workout 2
  • From 0:00-3:00:
  • Max Rep Clean-and-Jerks (165/115 lb)
  • Transition from 3:00-5:00.
  • Workout 3
  • From 5:00-8:00:
  • 1 Rep Max Clean-and-Jerk

WOD 2 & 3 begins with a barbell pre-set to a specific weight. At the start of the eight-minute clock, the athlete will use the first three minutes to perform as many clean & jerks as possible, any style.

At the conclusion of the first three minutes, WOD 2 is done, and the score is the total number of reps completed.

The clock will then continue, and minute 3:00 to minute 5:00 is considered a rest period. The athlete may do whatever they like during this time, including change the weight on the barbell in preparation for the start of WOD 3.

At the 5:00 mark, WOD 3 begins. From minute 5:00 to minute 8:00, the athlete shall build up in weight to establish their heaviest possible clean & jerk, any style. The athlete may increase and decrease weight during the two minute rest period, and during this three minute window however they so please.

All attempts must be completed by the 8:00 mark, at which point WOD 3 is complete.

Please note, you must have clips on the bar when performing clean and jerks for both WOD 2 & WOD 3.

Movement Standards

Clean & Jerk: For the clean & jerk on WOD 2 & 3, any style of clean, and any style of jerk is permitted. This simply means the barbell must originate on the floor, arrive at the athlete’s shoulder, and finish with the barbell locked out overhead, with the athlete’s hips, knees, shoulders, and arms at full extension, with the barbell over the athlete’s center of mass. Some examples of permissible reps include a power clean, split clean, hang clean, squat clean, hang squat clean, into a strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk. If the athlete completes the clean, but not the jerk, that rep will not be counted.

Athletes may only use one barbell for this workout. Additionally, athletes must change out their own weights and cannot have a pit crew assist them during the workout.

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Background: The WZA Online Challenge and Qualifier (WZAOC) is a two-part series where athletes from all over the world come together for this one of a kind online challenge. The WZAOC brings the party to your gym! Participants can expect challenging workouts, fun prizes and memories to last a lifetime.
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