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“VCF Bodyweight Qualifier 20.5”

2020 Hyrox Virtual Championships of Fitness Bodyweight Qualifier WOD #5

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  • For Time
  • 150 Burpees
  • Every 15 Burpees, perform:
  • 10 Air Squats
  • 10 Lunges

VCF Bodyweight Workout #5 is 150 Burpees for time. Every 15 Burpees, the athlete has to perform 10 Air Squats and 10 Lunges. For the Lunges, one leg jump equals one rep. Workout is complete after 150 burpees.

Score is the time on the clock when the 150th Burpee is completed.

Movement Standards

Burpee: Start in an upright standing position. Place hands close to your feet. In the bottom position, your chest has to touch the ground. As you jump back up, your hands have to touch above your head. Knees and hips have to be fully extended for the vertical jump.

Lunge: The lunges are alternating in-place forward Lunges. Start in an upright standing position. One leg steps forward and initiates the Lunge. Lower yourself until your back knee touches the floor. Return with your forward leg to the start position and switch legs. Your knees and hips must be extended before switching legs, feet directly under your hips/shoulders.

Air Squat: Start in an upright standing position. At the bottom position of the squat, your hips must descend lower than your knees. When standing back up, hips and knees must be fully extended.

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Background: "VCF Bodyweight Qualifier 20.5" was the last of 5 total WODs of the 2020 Hyrox Virtual Championships of Fitness Equipment Online Qualifier competition.
Source: hyrox.com
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