No Ads (Upgrade)
by Luke Downing


Coach Creation WOD

748 22
  • E2MOM x 40 mins
  • Partner (YGIG)
  • 8 Burpees
  • 10 DB Alt Arm Snatch
  • 12 KB Russian Swings
  • Max Cal Row

Partner wod, partner A works while B rests.
Partner A will have 2 minutes to complete 8 Burpees, 10 DB Alt Arm Snatch, 12 KB Russian Swings and then in the remaining time Max Cal Row.
Once 2 minutes is up Partner B takes over.
Continue for 40 mins

Score= Total Calories

No Ads (Upgrade)
No Ads (Upgrade)
No Ads (Upgrade)
No Ads (Upgrade)