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“Valentine’s Day”


CrossFit Malibu Valentine's Day WOD

7.7K 43
  • AMRAP (with a Partner) in 15 minutes
  • From 0:00-4:00:
  • Max Hand-Release Push-Ups
  • Max Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (24/18 kg)
  • (alternate between movements, switch as desired)
  • 1 minute Rest
  • From 5:00-8:00:
  • Max Synchronized Air Squats (partners grip wrists)
  • 1 minute Rest
  • From 9:00-11:00:
  • Partner A Max Row (calories)
  • Partner B run 400 meters
  • From 11:00-13:00:
  • Partner B Max Row (calories)
  • Partner A run 400 meters
  • Finally, from 13:00-15:00:
  • Max Pull-Ups (partners alternate each minute)

With a running clock complete each section of the workout. Score for the team is total number of repetitions completed in the 15 minutes of work.

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This Valentine special Benchmark workout was first posted on the website of CrossFit Malibu (Malibu, CA) as the workout of the day for Thursday, February 14, 2013 – Valentine’s Day. The warm-up they programmed on that day was “Tabata partner burpees (side by side, then “high 10” clap at top).”

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