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“UIM 3”


United in Movement Workout #3

1.5K 155
  • AMRAP in 20 minutes
  • 20 Hand Release Push-Ups
  • 30 Goblet Squats (50/35 lb)
  • 40 Hand Release Push-Ups
  • 50 Dumbbell Lunges (50/35 lb)
  • 60 Hand Release Push-Ups
  • 70 Single-Arm Suitcase Deadlifts (50/35 lb)

This workout begins with the athlete standing tall. At the start of the clock, the athlete may begin performing their variety of push-ups. After their completion, the athlete may grab the dumbbell and begin the squats. Once complete, they will begin the next set of push-ups, and continue through the movements in this order. At the completion of the 70 Single-arm Suitcase Deadlifts, if time remains, the athlete will start at the top of the ladder with the first set of push-ups.

Score is the total number of rounds and repetitions completed within the 20-minute time cap.

Movement Standards

Hand Release Push-Ups: Each rep begins with an athlete face-down on the floor, with their hands, chest, thighs, and toes in contact with the floor. The athlete must then visibly remove their hands from the floor, to signify complete resting of the athlete’s body weight on the floor. The athlete shall then return their hands to the floor and press until the elbows are locked out at the top with the feet no wider than shoulder-width. A straight body position must be maintained throughout the push-up. No snaking, sagging or pushing up from the knees is allowed.

Goblet Squat: In the Goblet Squat, the Dumbbell must be held in a front rack position. The hip crease must clearly pass below the top of the knees in the bottom position. At the top, the knees and hips must be completely open. A full squat clean on the first repetition will count as a repetition as long as all the above requirements are met.

Dumbbell Lunge: The Dumbbell Lunge begins with the dumbbell in contact with either or both of the athlete’s shoulders. This includes in the front rack or the back rack. The athlete must maintain that contact throughout the duration of the repetition.

If using a backpack, the athlete may wear it at this time, or if unweighted, their repetition begins below.

From here, the athlete may begin lunging forward, with one leg stepping forward, and then returning back to standing. At the start of each repetition, the athletes’ hips and knees must be fully extended. At the bottom, the athlete’s knee must make contact with the floor. Each repetition must be alternating.

Single-Arm Suitcase Deadlift: For this movement, the athlete must take the dumbbell from the floor with one hand by the handle. The dumbbell must be to one side of the athlete’s body (not between their legs,) and the athlete’s feet cannot be spread sumo. Then, while holding the handle, the athlete must stand tall, with their hips, and knees locked out at full extension, with the athlete holding the dumbbell at their side. When returning back to the ground on the same side, one head of the dumbbell must touch the ground. The athlete may perform touch & go repetitions and may switch their hands as they please.


AMRAP in 20 minutes
20 Hand Release Push-Ups
30 Weighted Squats (use a backpack)
40 Hand Release Push-Ups
50 Weighted Lunges (use a backpack)
60 Hand Release Push-Ups
70 Single-Arm Suitcase Deadlifts (use a backpack)

AMRAP in 20 minutes
15 Knee/Wall Push-Ups
20 Air Squats
25 Knee/Wall Push-Ups
30 Lunges
35 Knee/Wall Push-Ups
40 Single-Legged Unweighted Deadlifts

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Background: "UIM WOD 3" was the 3rd of 7 total WODs for the United in Movement online challenge. United In Movement is an online fitness challenge for participants of all skill levels, created to raise relief funds to support humanitarian efforts, businesses and gyms impacted by COVID-19.
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