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by James Fitzgerald

“Thruster + Front Squat”

Big Dawgs Strength WOD

5.2K 30
  • For Load
  • 1 rep max Thruster
  • 1 rep max Front Squat

The athlete establishes a one-rep maximum thruster and front squat in a training session.

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The front squat and thruster are specific KPIs for the sport, mainly for the gross strength application to maximum contraction testing, the structural balance between squat and thruster, and how efficiently these carry over to metabolic work.

Good scores:
The goal for the front squat is that it should preliminarily be 85% of the back squat in structural strength. The thruster, meanwhile, should be 75% of that front squat 1RM in testing.

Other relative goals and standards include: the thruster should be at least 1.3 x the bodyweight before going after norms for comparisons to other lifts, in structural balance. The front squat should be 1.7 x the bodyweight prior to other KPI investigations.

Potential limiters:
• Lack of mechanics in FS/Thruster
• Lack of abs strength in the FS
• Lack of force development (power) in the thruster

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