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“Throwing Grace”


San Francisco CrossFit Partner WOD

8.9K 19
  • 100 meters (with a Partner) for Time
  • Clean-and-Throw (135/95 lb)

Athlete will perform a clean and then throw the barbell for maximum distance every repetition. Score will be the total time it takes both partners to get the barbell to travel 100 meters.

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Background: “Throwing Grace” is a modified version of the CrossFit “Girls” Benchmark WOD, “Grace.” We first found the unusual workout published as a video demo on CrossFit YouTube channel. It was also the workout of the day at San Francisco CrossFit (San Francisco, CA, USA) for July 17, 2008. The video said the workout can also be performed solo (for max distance in 2 minutes) and showed some other variants.

We’re not saying you should try this. We’re archiving the workout for posterity. In the early days, CrossFit was a big experiment. Not all of it worked out. But we like that workouts like this demonstrate the kind of creative functional movements people were trying. Another one didn’t really survive the test of time: The “virtual shovel” with a barbell.

See also:Grace,” “Double Grace,” “Cindy Full of Grace

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