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by Palo Masaryk

“The Trip”

Coach Creation WOD

150 5
  • For time do each of 4 rounds:
  • 20m Heavy Carry
  • 5 Back squats
  • 20m Heavy Carry
  • *rest 2:00 between
  • *go HEAVY

Yoke can be replaced by anything. Carry sandbag, kettlebells, dumbells.

Make it very challenging for 20meters.
Back squats should he done with weight that will leave you with buffer of 2-3 reps. Somewhere around 75% of 1RM

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There is strong scientific evidence /in fact this was kind of obvious to some people for decades now/ that loading bones and spine in specific manner is creating strong hormonal response that is directly triggering and responsible for strength and muscle gains.
Well, lets do it then…

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