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“The Parks”


Memorial WOD

1.5K 20
  • 6 Rounds for Time (with a Partner)
  • Every 4 minutes, Partner A completes:
  • 20 Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Lunges (50/35 lb)
  • 21 American Kettlebell Swings (70/53 lb)
  • 6 Synchronized Burpees
  • 9 Right-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35 lb)
  • 9 Left-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35 lb)
  • 3 Right-Arm Kettlebell Squat Cleans (70/53 lb)
  • 3 Left-Arm Kettlebell Squat Cleans (70/53 lb)
  • Partner B chooses 1 and perform:
  • Ring Plank Hold
  • Dead Hang Hold
  • Parallel Squat Hold
  • Half Push-Up Hold
  • Rest 2 minutes
  • Partner A and Partner B must complete 6 full rounds each.

With a running clock, complete 6 rounds of the prescribed work in the order written as fast as possible (“For Time“). In a 4-minute window, Partner A and Partner B must complete 1 full round each. While Partner A works through the Lunges down to the Squat Cleans, Partner B will choose any 1 of the holds and then perform the chosen hold. Then, partners will switch after the last Squat Cleans. Partner B will start with the Lunges until the last Squat Cleans or when the 4-minute is up, while Partner A performs one of the holds. Athletes can choose whatever holds for each round. They could stick with one hold or switch after every round. Rest 2 minutes after the 4-minute window and start the where Partner B left off. These 4-minute windows are all-out efforts.

Score is the time when all the 6 rounds are completed.

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namesake photo

Background: The workout is dedicated to husband and wife, Jamie Huntley-Park, 33, and Ryan Park, 32, two San Diego police detectives, who were killed the morning of June 4, 2021, in a head-on crash caused by a wrong-way driver on Interstate 5 in San Ysidro, near the U.S.-Mexico border south of downtown San Diego. Their badge numbers were 6939 and 6930

Park was a homicide detective, and Huntley-Park was assigned to the Southern Division. They had the day off, but Ryan was on call. The two met at the police academy, married in 2016, and were both promoted to detective on the same day in 2018.

The workout was designed by Caitlin Hogan, CF-L1, who was a good friend of Officer Jamie. They coached ice hockey against one another. Officer Jamie referred 14 and 19 and under were the teams Caitlin coached. Officer Jamie was extremely active in the San Diego community and will be greatly missed.

The WOD was first performed at The Annex Training Center in Long Beach, CA on June 5th, 2021.

The rep scheme signifies:
– 6 rounds for the month of the accident
– 4 minutes for the day of the incident
– 20-21 reps for the year
– 6-9-3 reps for their badge numbers.

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