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Memorial WOD for John Nishamura

1.5K 93
  • For Time
  • Buy-In: 39 Burpees
  • Then, 11 Rounds of:
  • 3 Pull-Ups
  • 8 Push-Ups
  • 7 Air Squats
  • Buy-Out: 81 second Plank Hold

With a running clock, complete the prescribed work in the order written as fast as possible (“For Time“). Athlete will start with the buy-in of 39 Burpees. Once completed, athlete will perform 11 rounds of 3 Pull-Ups, 8 Push-Ups, and 7 Air Squats. To finish the workout, athlete must accomplish the buy-out of 81 second Plank Hold.

Score is the time on the clock when the buy-out is completed.

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namesake photo


Dedicated to Deputy Koichi “John” Nishamura, a Corrections Academy Cadet known by his peers for his hard work, extreme dedication, and willingness to take on additional assignments. He was 2 weeks away from graduating when he passed away Jun 23, 2020.

John was born in Palo Alto, California on May 19, 1981 and grew up in nearby Mountain View. He married his high school sweetheart, Yvonne Llamas, in 2011. Yvonne described John as “Loving, caring and willing to help anyone.” He is preceded in death by his parents and is survived by wife, Yvonne, son, Johnny, daughter, Carissa, sisters, Yasuko Nishimura and Yuko Nishimura-Vickroy.

Known as “Nish” by his family, friends, and colleagues, John always maintained a high level of fitness and never lacked effort. The workout was designed by Raul Marta who was Koichi’s trainer at the academy with the help of the other fellow academy training officers.

In the academy we performed the “Murph” [workout] and John was one of the top cadets. We wanted a rep scheme similar to the “Murph” and that is why we chose the pull-up push-up air squat combo. Also, John was our academy class longest plank winner so we incorporated the plank at the end. 

The rep scheme signifies:
– 39 Burpees for his age when he passed
– 11 rounds and 3-8-7 reps for his badge number (11387)
– 81 seconds for the year when he was born.

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